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New Ways of Making and the Challenges It Presents

This blog was written by Liz Kilili, Creatives Garage. Picture by Tintseh of Roy Ombatti at his studio in Creatives Garage

I have never been more scared for my life like the first time I had to cross the roads of Mumbai. It’s crazy, cars are coming from all sides honking and trying to rush past you, the pedestrians fill the only narrow space and what determines your next move is the ability to calculate the rate at which cars move to the ratio of the space you need to jump into.

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Social innovation, Indian style

This blog was written by Alafia Stewart, and originally appeared on the Melton Foundation blog.

Arriving in Mumbai, I had no expectations. I wanted to be open. I wanted to be challenged. The SIX summer school delivered an excellent opportunity to explore. Over two and a half days, we SIX participants attempted to explore how India’s emerging civic consciousness was impacting new thinking on other major cities, local citizens and the networks they weave together with their governments and institutions.

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Seven reasons for having faith in India’s Social innovation future

Dharavi Recycling Worker, Image Credit: Meena Kadri

At a stressful point before the recent SIX Mumbai Summer School, an ISDI colleague shared some words of wisdom with the team. “Just remember, it’ll be alright in the end. And if it isn’t alright, it isn’t the end yet.”

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Abilesha Murthi writes about Zaya.

A major challenge in India today is not enrolment in schools, but rather the quality of education and the learning experience. Continue reading “Zaya”

“Badal Ja!—gender + social justice, in your hands.”

This post was written by Sakshi Gupta.

Badal ja! is a community platform that promotes gender justice in Mumbai. The platform offers inspiring stories Continue reading ““Badal Ja!—gender + social justice, in your hands.””


This post was written by Abilesha Murthi.

In India, periods remain taboo and something shameful, and old taboos means that women are often Continue reading “Menstrupedia”

If it’s your first time in Mumbai…

For those of you who have not visited the city before, here are a few tips that Eddy and I would have found useful when we arriving in the city the first time!
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Infographic: What is the (Particulate) Matter in India?

This post, written by Kabir Nanda and Varad Pande, was originally published by Dalberg Communications. 
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Rule of Thumb: Mobiles for Governance in India

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